Nicky Wagner

New vaping rules create mixed messages, expert says

Thu 30 Mar 3

Vaping will be prohibited in workplaces and other areas where smoking is not allowed under the Smoke-free Environments Act 1990.

NZ petrol companies wary of customs law overhaul

Thu 16 Mar

Customs NZ has been at loggerheads with fuel companies after a Supreme Court ruling in its favour over whether locally blended butane/motor spirit was another form of manufacturing on top of oil refining, attracting additional duty.

PM ponders reshuffle: 'a small number' of ministers [photo: Rob Hosking]

Politics: PM John Key on reshuffle prospects

Tue 25 Oct

“My guess is there will be, at the margin, a very small number more, and that will give us an opportunity to refresh going into the election”

Customs Minister Nicky Wagner

Government won't lower GST threshold for online purchases before 2018

Thu 30 Jun 5

Customs Minister Nicky Wagner today said she is continuing to look at different ways to collect tax effectively.

Lake Clearwater in Hakatere basin central Canterbury (Photo: Chris Hutching)

Pastoral tenure reviews to boost Nature Heritage Fund-inspired park in hobbit country

Tue 8 Dec

Pastoral tenure reivew will boost the size of the park to 100,000 hectares.

Customs Minister Nicky Wagner tests the upgraded SmartGate at Customhouse, Wellington

SmartGates boost NZ’s airport efficiency in world rankings

Mon 31 Aug 6

Two surveys put New Zealand sixth in the world for airport efficiency.


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