Nicky Wagner

Raf Manji is running for the Ilam seat as an independent candidate

Brownlee's challenger, Raf Manji, pitches Christchurch for 2026 Commonwealth Games

Fri 28 Jul 7

Manji is backing his call with a specific plan to spend another billion dollars to finish a range of key projects throughout the city.

NICKY WAGNER: Sailing away

Private Bin: Wagner sails on past Cyclone Todd

Fri 23 Jun

At least one National MP was really happy with beleaguered Clutha-Southland MP Todd Barclay becoming the centre of a political cyclone on Tuesday.

Nicky Wagner is the latest minister to show ill-discipline

Wagner's silly tweet is symptomatic of a bigger problem

Mon 19 Jun 9

The rather casual and unfocused tweet on social media was more a case of thoughtlessness and ill-discipline.

New vaping rules create mixed messages, expert says

Thu 30 Mar 3

Vaping will be prohibited in workplaces and other areas where smoking is not allowed under the Smoke-free Environments Act 1990.

NZ petrol companies wary of customs law overhaul

Thu 16 Mar 1

Customs NZ has been at loggerheads with fuel companies after a Supreme Court ruling in its favour over whether locally blended butane/motor spirit was another form of manufacturing on top of oil refining, attracting additional duty.

PM ponders reshuffle: 'a small number' of ministers [photo: Rob Hosking]

Politics: PM John Key on reshuffle prospects

Tue 25 Oct

“My guess is there will be, at the margin, a very small number more, and that will give us an opportunity to refresh going into the election”


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