Volkswagen chief executive Matthias Müller

Editor's Insight: One year on, it's hunky dory at VW, apart from a few billion

Wed 21 Sep 2

The German car giant has record sales and is moving away from diesel into electric vehicles. 

Interbrand Singapore brand strategist Jonathan Bernstein

Huawei crowned China’s top brand, but two US tech giants still world’s biggest

Tue 21 Oct

Apple and Google remain top global brands as first Chinese company makes cut.

Arriving soon: BMW is introducing its 3 Series Touring this month

Car torque: BMW’s new x-strategy


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Toyota's Prius hybrid

Toyota reclaims crown as world's top car-maker

Tue 29 Jan 1

The Japanese company increased its sales 23% to nearly 10 million vehicles in 2012.

SEEING THE LIGHT: the Mercedes ML has just launched

Car Torque

Sat 12 May

Mercedes tech to the fore | Juke – ready to order | Sound cycle


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