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University of Auckland associate professor Stephen Hoadley says the idea that a coalition with NZ First is “doomed to fail” is going too far

Will siding with NZ First doom the major parties to failure?

Tue 17 Oct 5

Both Peter Dunne and David Seymour say whoever NZ First sides with will be worse off for it – but one commentator disagrees.

None of Winston Peters' picks are easy (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Winston's choice: three unpalatable options

Mon 16 Oct 12

Both Labour and New Zealand First front benches are steeped in nostalgia for pre-1984 New Zealand.

National Party leader Bill English says his party exchanged letters with New Zealand First over the weekend

Kiwi holds gains after softer US inflation

Mon 16 Oct

Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen says her "best guess" is a strengthening labour market would mean inflation would move higher next year.

Just because Winston Peters hasn't followed through on campaign rhetoric about changing the monetary policy regime in the past doesn't mean he won't this time (photo: Jerry Yelich O'Connor)

Seductive slogans versus the reality of monetary policy

Fri 13 Oct 3

The claim the Reserve Bank is only concerned with inflation is one of the biggest economic myths in New Zealand. It is high time it was laid to rest.

NZ First leader Winston Peters says “The quicker we make it, the fewer chances [there] are of it being leaked” (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

NZ First to hold joint caucus/board meeting on Monday

Fri 13 Oct 13

NZ First board members will be flying in from across the country.

Why should Winston Peters pick Jacinda Ardern? (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Signs of a Labour-NZF government

Fri 13 Oct 23

Political Roundup: Today, reasons NZ First should choose Labour.


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