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Pig farm on the hook for $6m

Fri 24 Mar

The twisted tales at Waikato pig farm Kaimai Pork include that it has faced animal cruelty charges and was run by an accountant who was previously found guilty of fraud.

Imagery from the campaign

NZ Pork butchered in ad campaign complaints

Tue 17 Feb 2

"If you want to sell meat, don't treat the customer like a piece of meat.”

NZ's billion-dollar pork industry hires fish man as head lobbyist

Fri 23 Mar

Former head of the Seafood Industry Council appointed new new chief executive, replacing Sam McIvor.

NZ Pork gases up

Wed 26 May

As tensions rise regarding the introduction of industry to the emissions trading scheme, New Zealand Pork has completed the latest stage in a project to generate biogas from pig manure.

The project, partially funded by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), aims to determine the viability of farm biogas systems, and includes pig and mixed pig-and-dairy farms across a range of sizes.

NZ Pork re-brands swine flu to save $1 billion industry

Fri 1 May 5

It’s not swine flu; it’s ‘North American Influenza’ says the New Zealand Pork Industry Board as it sets out to defend its pigs against viruses and negative publicity alike.

The pork industry is worth an estimated $1 billion to the New Zealand economy and its leaders are worried that media-fed misinformation about influenza A (H1N1) could prove as deadly to the industry as the virus itself.

To quell any possible consumer backlash arising from flu fear NZ Pork has issued a statement extolling the safety of New Zealand-raised pork.

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