NZ Super Fund

Opinion: NZ Super Fund glosses over its risks


Low staff turnover does not indicate an investment house that regularly beats the market through skill rather than luck.

NZ Super Fund eyes Aussie rural land and diversification away from dairy

Tue 2 May 3

The fund is in talks with industry players to see if there are opportunities for it to invest in permanent crops.

Letter to the Editor: NZ Super Fund responds

Fri 31 Mar

An opinion article by Michael Reddell (“Time to Wind up the NZ Super Fund,” March 24) regarding the New Zealand Superannuation Fund is founded on an irrelevant investment hurdle.

OPINION: Time to wind up the NZ Super Fund

Mon 27 Mar 6

Chief executive Adrian Orr – supposedly a neutral public servant – has been openly making the case for more money to be put into the fund.

Labour-Green joint fiscal framework is all about how it looks to voters

Fri 24 Mar 7

If the two economic policymakers can continue to appear on the same platform and continue to project the same sort of ability to work together, that sends a powerful political signal.

Editorial: Super debate ignores future realities

Fri 10 Mar

The reaction to Prime Minister Bill English’s announcement of proposed changes in National Superannuation eligibility shows the fickleness of public debate.


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