NZ Super Fund

New Zealand Super Fund chairwoman Catherine Savage

The PM can say whatever he wants – NZ Super Fund chairwoman

Tue 21 Feb 21

PLUS: Reader poll result - did Super Fund boss deserve his 23% raise?

New Zealand Superannuation Fund chief investment officer Matt Whineray

Super Fund to invest up to $260m in local SMEs

Mon 19 Dec 42

UPDATED: Each fund is expected to invest in eight to 15 separate companies. With special feature audio.

The Blended Capital Group founding partner Paul Clements-Hunt

Climate change is the Trump of natural systems, fundies told

Fri 11 Nov 9

A gathering of global sovereign wealth funds try to nut out what climate change policy will mean for their portfolios. 

New Zealand Superannuation Fund chief executive Adrian Orr

NZ Super Fund seeks to put a market price on climate change with new risk rules

Wed 19 Oct 7

NZ Super says most of its carbon exposure is in its global equity portfolio.

NZ Super Fund’s net profit shrinks to a shadow of last year as tax bill swells

Thu 6 Oct 14

The taxman got the lion’s share of the NZ Superannuation Fund’s earnings this year, even though it was a relatively poor year.

Super Fund suspected window dressing at Milford

Fri 30 Sep

High Court hears of huge pension fund’s concerns about fund manager Mark Warminger’s trading 


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