IMF chief economist Maurice Obstfeld says the recovery is broad-based

Global economy hits rare sweet spot

Fri 13 Oct 4

Editor's Insight: Risks remain in the rise of protectionism, slower trade growth and political instability.

Brent crude hit a two-year high of $US59 a barrel

Oil drives global growth


Margin Call: Oil prices at a two-year high are positive signs for recovery.

S&P Global chief economist Dr Paul Sheard says the “long shadows” of the GFC have dissipated (photo: Nevil Gibson)

World economy in growth sync as Trump administration emerges from chaos

Tue 29 Aug 1

Opportunities for reform in Europe and China may also be possible next year.

OECD chief economist Catherine Mann says price rise growth is at its lowest level in nearly eight years

Inflation fall creates central bank dilemma

Tue 8 Aug

Editor's Insight: New OECD figures show inflation in the 20 largest economies has fallen to its lowest level in almost eight years.

EU competition commissioner Margrethe Vestager has Google in her sights

Google fine puts giants on notice

Mon 3 Jul 1

Editorial: An EU fine of $3.8 billion is double what was expected in Google's favouritism toward its own comparison shopping service.

Resarcher Derek Gill says perceptions of inequality are subjective

Inequality myths hide poverty trap

Fri 23 Jun 11

Inequality has been steady since the mid-1990s but concerns over poverty and house prices are rising.


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