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Tait moves 950 to Google Apps, but Microsoft lingers

Mon 5 Jul

Christchurch-based Tait Radio Communications has moved its 950 worldwide staff to Google Apps.

The upgrade marks Google's second major commercial win for Apps in New Zealand following last year's huge NZ Post deal.

CIO George Elder told NBR his company had signed on for the $US50 per user per year Corporate version of Google Apps.

Microsoft takes Rugby Union swipe at Google

Thu 17 Jun

It was interesting to see Microsoft NZ country manager Kevin Ackhurst claiming on Twitter recently that the Rugby Union chose his company’s online solution because it had doubts about Google's support capability for its apps suite (he was linking to this smack-down on a Microsoft blog, guest-written by NZRFU IT manager Jeremy Burrows).

Striking back at Google, Microsoft launches Office 2010

Thu 13 May

The official launch of Microsoft Office 2010 is under way this morning in New York. 

The centrepiece of the company's new software suite is the ability to run web-based versions of Excel, Word and other programmes in the Office suite - a move squarely designed to counter the growth of online competitor Google Apps, whose commercial version has recently gained high-profile flashship customers such as New Zealand Post.

Microsoft Office 2010 to appear in free, ad-funded version

Mon 12 Oct 4

Eat your heart out, OpenOffice.

Microsoft Office 2010, due next year, will be available in a free version called Office 2010 Starter, the company's New Zealand chief technology officer Brett Roberts flagged over the weekend.

Like the no-cost Google Apps suite, Office 2010 Starter will be supported by advertising.

Although its name implies a trial version, Office 2010 Starter will have no time-limit.

But there’s a catch.

Office 2010 to change the face of business

Thu 17 Sep

Remote access is set to become a step easier when Microsoft launches its Office 2010 platform next month with smartphone capabilities.

Office 2010 and its sister platform SharePoint 2010, which is set to be released mid next year, were introduced at the Tech Ed conference held in Auckland this week.

Microsoft New Zealand solutions specialist Jonathan Stuckey said Office 2010’s new wave of capabilities would streamline business processes making brower, PC and mobile access easy and more efficient.

Microsoft will offer free, web-based version of Office 2010

Tue 14 Jul

Microsoft has announced that the web version of Office 2010 will be free - a move will put Google Apps in the gun as the tussle between the two software giants intensifies.

Due in the first half of next year, the web-based version of Microsoft Office 2010 will be available at no cost for the 400 million members of Microsoft’s freebie Live services (which include Hotmail).

Already demo’d some months ago, the online version of Office 2010 (codenamed Office 14) lets you not just view Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in a web browser, but also edit and save changes.

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