Confident TAG Oil commits $C27.4m to capex in 2017/18

Thu 20 Apr

The company has continued to invest despite the plunge in global oil prices.

Gallagher expands exports of vapour technology

Thu 13 Apr

The vapour technology reduces petrol losses and smell from service stations.

NZOG says potential Barque partners 'studying the data'; capital return approved

Wed 12 Apr

Jefferies said he hoped the offshore Canterbury permit would turn out to be "a new North Sea in the South".

Russel Norman, two other Greenpeace activists charges by MBIE over oil search vessel protest

Tue 11 Apr 4

Greenpeace was protesting against the work of the Amazon Warrior vessel, which is using seismic tests to gather data for potential oil reserves.

While you were sleeping: US stocks steady ahead of reporting season

Tue 11 Apr

Wall Street is anticipating a substantial lift in corporate profits.

Russel Norman was among activists who jumped into sea to halt seismic tests

Mon 10 Apr 6

Greenpeace said in a statement that its swimmers had managed to force the oil exploration ship to halt its operations and deviate off course.


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