Z Energy chief executive Mike Bennetts says industry capacity has increased 22% since the IPO

Z Energy thinks watchdog review would show competitive petrol pricing

Thu 3 May 3

Z Energy is forecasting more profit growth this year.

Z Energy chief executive Mike Bennetts says competition is increasing.

Z Energy lifts annual net profit 8% on extra Caltex contribution

Thu 3 May

Rising diesel sales offset declining petrol sales.

AA’s petrol pricing spokesman Mark Stockdale says other industries use competitive pricing like BP.

Industry defends controversial BP petrol pricing

Mon 30 Apr 14

Low-cost operator Gull says it adjusts prices to drive profits too. 

The head of wealth research at Craigs Investment Partners, Mark Lister, says the Fed Funds rate will soon pass the OCR.

Rising US bond yields herald pressures on NZ fixed mortgage rates

Mon 23 Apr

Is net migration trending lower?

Craigs Investment Partners analyst Grant Swanepoel has raised his Z Energy valuation.

Slower EV adoption at lower volumes postpones Z’s extinction

Fri 20 Apr 11

Parity costs between EVs and internal combustion engined cars still have a way to go.

Jacinda Ardern will have other tough calls to come. (Photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Ardern’s bold call on oil shows she’s tough

Thu 19 Apr 18

Analysis: So far the government is sticking together and beginning to look more cohesive.


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