Z Energy chief executive Mike Bennetts

Z Energy likely still understating merger benefits

Thu 20 Oct 1

Z Energy has a track record of beating its own forecasts.

While you were sleeping: UPDATED Oil boosts stocks as Russia backs cap

Tue 11 Oct

Oil producers outside OPEC could co-operate on output caps.

Foreign Affairs: Back to square one for Colombia/FARC deal

Wed 5 Oct

Is Colombia's "Brexit" moment the end of its peace prospects? And will Opec's production cut lift oil prices again?

Z Energy likely to deliver at least $20m more in Chevron synergy benefits

Tue 4 Oct

Z chief executive Mike Bennetts has a track record of under-promising and over-delivering. With special feature audio.

Craigs Investment Partners analyst Grant Swanepoel

Z Energy likely to reshuffle stations between its Z and Caltex brands

Thu 29 Sep

Z Energy is likely to reconfigure its petrol stations to best suit each of the two brands it owns.

McKinsey energy export Occo Roelofsen

Editor’s Insight: Peak oil demand now within sight – McKinsey

Fri 15 Jul 3

McKinsey says world demand for oil as an energy source will stop rising as early as 2025. With special feature audio.


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