JP Morgan commodities analyst Luis Oganes says increased demand is lifting commodity prices across the board.

Commodities survive shakeout


Opinion: Global economic growth is underpinning a broadly-based rally in most hard and soft commodities.

The offer closed yesterday after OGOG sought two extensions to secure regulatory approval, a hurdle it passed last month.

NZ Oil & Gas takeover subject to scaling as OGOG stake passes 70% upper limit

Tue 9 Jan

OGOG received acceptances taking it to 73.7 percent of fully paid ordinary NZOG shares.

When the taxes aren't enough for Her Majesty's liking, we offer up our firstborn to go fight the firstborn in another kingdom.

Game of Nations and the coming resource wars


Opinion: People who own oil effectively control a percentage of the world’s economic activity because all of it uses oil.

Country head Alan Seay said "Sadly we've made the call we won't be continuing with the New Zealand programme"

Anadarko to leave New Zealand

Tue 28 Nov 2

Cheap oil undermines the case for 'frontier' investments.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's crackdown on corruption has caused concern regarding instability in the Middle East

Kiwi gains as oil drives commodity index to 9-month high

Tue 7 Nov

Traders will be watching today for the Reserve Bank of Australia's interest rate review.

Chief executive Brett Emmett said "The acquisition will meaningfully increase net operating cash flow from China and New Zealand"

Todd Corp sells 16% stake in Maari, Manaia oil fields for $US17.6m

Mon 6 Nov

The Todds' exit from Maari is the latest change in the family's energy portfolio.


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