NZ Law Society president Kathryn Beck hasn't been able to talk about whether her organisation is investigating.

Legal reform needed in wake of Russell McVeagh revelations

Thu 8 Mar 4

NZ Law Society needs to take a good hard look at itself.

While Amazon Go is the current poster child for retail disruption, the company’s behind the scenes operations are also heavily automated.

Let’s welcome our new robot overlords


In certain cases, technology will render some jobs obsolete but this is nothing new.

Broadcasting Minister Clare Curran is evidently hellbent on creating a public service TV channel that's out of step with inexorable trends.

Media Snapchat: RNZ+ doesn’t add up

Thu 1 Feb 4

Opinion: An impolitic person might describe a broadcasting policy that ignores apparently inexorable media trends as "nuts."

Nicky Hager (TVNZ)

REPOST: Police, IRD and other agencies' rights over 'fishing expeditions' through your bank records

Mon 28 Aug 3

Lowndes Jordan partner Rick Shera unpacks the issues behind the controversial disclosure.

NZACA chief executive Simon Wallace says immigration is being used as a political football

Political hot potato to boost aged care stocks

Mon 17 Jul 5

But will changes to immigration policy hurt those that staff the sector?

Shoeshine: NZX washes its hands of price-sensitive information decision

Mon 22 May

A few years back, the NZX got itself in a pan of hot water when it missed flagging to the market a takeover offer.


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