Peter Dunne

Opinion: Fire Service reforms will add costs not reduce them

Thu 4 May 8

The $80 million extra costs of running Fire and Emergency New Zealand will fall on only those who insure for property.

Peter Dunne

Not a Dunne deal yet: United Future leader remains sceptical on RMA amendments

Fri 31 Mar 2

“It’s come to the precipice so many times where a deal has been done and then it falls away,” Mr Dunne tells NBR Radio.

RMA reform's latest rushed zigzag shows National's election priorities

Fri 24 Mar 3

But for now, it looks like another rushed and slapdash patch up job on what has been a long and ill-starred process.

Maori Party does another deal with National on RMA reform

Thu 23 Mar 16

National nuts out an agreement with the Maori Party, rejects ACT/United Future offer.

Peter Dunne

Hooton: Labour-Green collusion in Ohariu helps National


Don’t be fooled by the Greens’ declarations of undying fidelity to their memorandum of understanding with Labour.

Greg O'Connor

Labour: New candidates creating rejuvenation or highlighting internal division?

Wed 15 Feb

NBR poll participants give their take.


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