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Council chief of strategy Jim Quinn told the meeting central government will have a role in funding any future relocation

Auckland Council undeterred by political uncertainty in pursuing port's future

Tue 10 Oct

The committee met today to discuss the next steps in the 2016 consensus working group report into the port's long-term future.

RNZYS commodore Steve Mair says "I think everyone knows this needs to be done"

'We don't want a white elephant' – Goff on America's Cup build

Fri 29 Sep 7

Dalton asks where the infrastructure is, and names Italian city as fallback — but Auckland mayor not writing a blank cheque.

Some 77ha of prime Auckland waterfront land is used to receive used cars and containers

Election result dooms Auckland’s container port

Fri 29 Sep 9

Weekly Hit: Whichever major party first agrees to Winston Peters’ "cast iron commitment" on port reform is set to lead the next government.

Council funding boost for Drury South project will be recouped from development contributions

Stevenson's Drury South project given council funding boost


Auckland Council is investing $17.9 million to build the first stage of the spine road as part of Stevenson Group’s Drury South industrial park and housing development.

Mayor Phil Goff says there needs to be a business case to move Ports of Auckland (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Goff responds to NZ First's promise to move Auckland’s port

Thu 31 Aug 5

Port plan gets mixed reviews from lobby groups. 

Mike Hosking's hefty ratings and national recognition speak for themselves

Judging the 'immoderate' moderator


Media Watch: Mike Hosking's previous performances have produced nothing especially memorable.


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