Phil Goff

Weekly Hit: McClay’s TPP triumph

Fri 26 May

Four months of personal shuttle diplomacy by Trade Minister Todd McClay has put the TPP back on track.

Auckland targeted rate dispute hits new depths

Fri 26 May

"Introducing a new form of rates is a copout for the council, which should be spending more time concentrating on efficiencies and cost savings" – Greg Sayers

Urgent legal work needed before Goff's pillow tax can be struck

Mon 22 May 6

Mayor Goff is keen for the vote to go his way.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff wants options considered for a new port.

'I want to progress plans to relocate the Port' – Goff

Thu 18 May 25

Auckland Mayor says it's not his decision about whether it's sold as well — and that's it's possible Ports of Auckland will be split into land and port companies.

Goff mulls Ports of Auckland ownership

Wed 17 May 25

 Mr Goff said he has had wide-ranging discussions about the port.

Auckland councillors square up with Joyce

Mon 24 Apr 8

The Minister of Finance says the council needs to take a look at its transport spend but councillors say he’s “talking nonsense.”


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