Prime Minister John Key

FLAG FIGHT: May the best one win    Photo: Tinaz Karbhari

Order Paper: A subdued two cheers for a new flag

Fri 11 Mar

Lots of weak arguments on both sides and politics at the heart of it all as the flag voting counts down


STIHLS STILL IN CONTROL: Dr Nikolas Stihl is the third generation to lead the 90-year-old family company

Stihl’s global boss calls ‘bullshit’ on govt’s climate change response

Fri 26 Feb

Dr Nikolas Stihl, chairman of the global handheld power equipment company that bears his family name, is a surprisingly frequent visitor to these shores.


ECONOMICALLY SPEAKING: Old thinking mires mega-projects

Fri 5 Feb

New Zealand needs to look abroad at how other countries develop infrastructure, especially Hong Kong


Guest columnist: How to meet the PM’s challenge

Fri 2 Oct

Prime Minister John Key has called on the private sector to take some responsibility for addressing social dysfunction for the benefit of productivity, economy and NZ Inc.


Hidesight: It’s polls, not policies, that count in politics

Fri 18 Sep

Policy is now made by public feel. Every decision is open to review and reversal especially if the pushback is from middle voters


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