Property Council

Property Council chief executive Connal Townsend

Proposed Auckland Council levy could kill property development

Fri 17 Feb

Auckland Council’s proposed targeted rate on large-scale developments to pay for infrastructure could stop projects stone cold dead.

Building and Construction Minister Nick Smith

Some earthquake strengthening subsidies but no tax break

Fri 27 Jan 3

The government doesn’t want to complicate the tax system.

Alex Voutratzis

Protecting Dunedin’s heritage buildings but at what cost?

Tue 18 Oct 2

"Just because a building is old doesn’t make it a quality reflection of a previous architectural era" – Alex Voutratzis

Property Council Auckland branch chairman Phil Eaton

Property Council to prop up Auckland Council's Unitary Plan defence

Tue 4 Oct 5

Property Council has applied to High Court to join Auckland Council's defence of Unitary Plan 

Property Council Wellington branch chairman Mike Cole

Auckland and Wellington commercial rates difference extravagant and absurd

Thu 11 Aug

Research paints a bleak picture for the capital’s commercial building owners.

Auckland mayoral aspirant Mark Thomas

Instead of complaining about government spending run Auckland Council better – Mark Thomas

Fri 27 May 6

Auckland mayor Len Brown’s approach to housing has made the situation worse, mayoral contender Mark Thomas says.


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