Pumpkin Patch

Australian online retailer eyeing physical stores for Pumpkin Patch

Thu 23 Mar 1

Catch Group will launch two online sites in July followed by concession and flagship physical stores.

Pumpkin Patch brand, IP sold to Australian online retailer Catch Group, receivers say

Thu 23 Mar 1

The company was tipped into receivership by its lenders in October and appointed voluntary administrators after failing to reinvent itself in the face of shrinking sales and too much debt.

Pumpkin Patch went into receivership in October.

Pumpkin Patch staff underpaid, receivers find

Thu 9 Mar

Payroll system glitch discovered.

Director of Rodgers Reidy Andrew Barnden

High-fashion brands Marcs and David Lawrence to shut up shop in NZ

Thu 9 Mar

Marcs and David Lawrence are closing all 10 of their New Zealand stores with the loss of 44 staff.

No conflict of interest for administrators of Pumpkin Patch

Tue 28 Feb

Administrators have released detailed report of Pumpkin Patch’s woes.

Retailers face working capital stress

Fri 27 Jan

Average working capital days increased across all sectors by 0.7 days in 2016.


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