LPF executive director Jonathan Woodhams claims LPF Group’s approach is informed by the tactics dramatised in Netflix series 'Narcos'

The Narcos school of negotiation

Tue 17 Oct 2

A litigation funder is changing the landscape of legal action.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Sian Elias declined to issue a judgment

PwC appeal rejected, hypothetically, by Supreme Court

Fri 6 Oct

After settlement in long-running Property Ventures case, court says what it would have found.

Liquidator Robert Walker says he's not obliged to divulge information on the amount of money available to creditors

Liquidator ‘not obliged’ to reveal size of PwC settlement

Mon 25 Sep 3

Details of auditor’s payout in Property Ventures litigation stay confidential.  

Veritas owns the Mad Butcher chain

Auditor declines opinion on Veritas accounts

Fri 22 Sep 3

Annual report reveals first tranche of bank debt falls due in eight days.  

Woodward Partners energy analyst John Kidd said "Stockton is the jewel in the crown"

Bathurst Resources stock soars in face of coking coal revival

Mon 11 Sep

The ASX-listed, Wellington-headquartered company is projecting a massive uplift in production.

Liquidator Robert Walker has reached a settlement

PwC settles monster legal claim over Property Ventures audit

Wed 30 Aug 2

 Liquidator reaches confidential deal in long-running case.  


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