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Gavl founder and chief executive Joel Smith says "It will completely revolutionise auctions as we know them”

Live streaming property auction site raising capital for live bidding app

Fri 6 Oct

Gavl has already broadcast 3500 auctions across New Zealand and Australia.

PGG Wrightson chief executive Mark Dewdney says it had much to contend with during the year

PGG Wrightson looks forward to better weather

Tue 8 Aug

Some of last year’s head winds will turn into tail winds.

Property Institute chief executive Ashley Church says the Reserve Bank should scrap proposals for debt-to-income ratios

Owning a home could become more impossible – new research

Tue 11 Jul 4

Horizon research claims 39% of Aucklanders can't buy homes under proposed Reserve Bank rules

Briefcase: Property developers' big problem, the big issues in the Little case

Wed 12 Apr

Numerous lawyers have seen fit to enter the development fray themselves with mixed results.

New index should provide a better fix on the housing market

Wed 12 Apr

More comprehensive data collection should provide greater insights

General Finance chases Terry Serepisos' mum for $275,000

Thu 16 Mar 3

Sale effectively sabotaged claims Serepisos' lawyer.


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