Paul Goldsmith

Insolvency practitioners to be licensed under new regime to stop poor behaviour, Goldsmith says

Wed 30 Nov

The new co-regulation regime suggested by the working group includes monitoring compliance with legislative obligations and the code of ethics

IMF chief Christine Lagarde

New IMF paper reveals astounding costs of global corruption

Thu 12 May 2

IMF concerned about creeping effects of corruption, hopes 'institutions' can step in.

New Zealand Institute of Patent Attorneys president Corinne Cole

Patent law changes: government rush to please Aussies will hurt NZ business

Tue 3 May 5

Given the choice between hurting a part of New Zealand business or having a few red faces on the next Canberra visit, ministers have opted to hurt New Zealand business. With special feature audio.

Philip Macalister

Kiwibank suddenly became less competitive when it started paying dividends

Mon 11 Apr 1

The government-owned Kiwibank used to lead the mortgage market, offering the most competitive interest rates, but that suddenly ceased early last year. With special feature audio.

London School of Economics Professor John Kay

Worse financial crisis needed to achieve effective financial regulation: professor

Wed 10 Feb

Another even worse financial crisis is likely to be necessary before policy makers arrive at effective regulation of financial services, says Professor John Kay. With special audio feature.

Local Government Minister Paula Bennett

'Loopy' rules report finally hits the right note for National government

Tue 22 Sep 4

The government today released an outline of what Local Government Minister Paula Bennett bluntly calls “loopy” rules and what they are doing to business.


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