2017 KiwiNet awards finalists showcase innovations with global prospects

Thu 18 May

Twelve finalists have been chosen for the research commercialisation awards.


Homeowners will take easy option if mortgage interest rates rise substantially

Fri 21 Apr 3

"Particularly concerning that 20% of people with mortgages will extend the term if their repayments increased by $120 or more" – Paul Carter, BNZ

The paper's author Jonathan D Schoenfeld

Study questions studies

Fri 29 May

“Is everything we eat associated with cancer?” a much noted paper in this vein asked.

Health and nutrition research roundup: red wine cuts memory loss, chocolate addiction

Fri 20 Feb

A round-up of health and nutrition research news from around the world.

Dr Kirsten Coppell

Gluten-free food choices lacking

Mon 9 Feb 8

The survey results indicate that though most participants described their diet as being strictly gluten-free.

Felicia Wu

Crop moulds cause cancer

Thu 5 Feb

The toxin, called aflatoxin, is responsible for up to 28% of liver cancer cases worldwide


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