The paper's author Jonathan D Schoenfeld

Study questions studies

Fri 29 May

“Is everything we eat associated with cancer?” a much noted paper in this vein asked.

Health and nutrition research roundup: red wine cuts memory loss, chocolate addiction

Fri 20 Feb

A round-up of health and nutrition research news from around the world.

Dr Kirsten Coppell

Gluten-free food choices lacking

Mon 9 Feb 8

The survey results indicate that though most participants described their diet as being strictly gluten-free.

Felicia Wu

Crop moulds cause cancer

Thu 5 Feb

The toxin, called aflatoxin, is responsible for up to 28% of liver cancer cases worldwide

Professor Lynn Ferguson

Feijoa, blackberry reduce inflammation

Thu 5 Feb

Most fruits are good for you.

New research a win-win for dairy farmers

Fri 16 Jan

New heifer feed research promises higher weight gains and less pollution.


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