Insolvency woes for retailers

Mon 22 May 2

Of all the NZ retailers which have ended up in insolvency in the past four years, just one has sold.

ComCom cracks down on retailers' misleading advertising

Fri 12 May

"Reputation damage from misleading consumers can be 10 times worse than the fines” — Rod Duke.

Forsyth Barr analyst Chelsea Leadbetter.

The Warehouse sales growth stagnates, despite strategy overhaul

Fri 12 May 2

But unchanged full-year guidance gives some hope.

RYF QUAIL: The implication for New Zealand retail is enormous

Amazon in Australia – ‘Every retailer is freaking out’

Fri 21 Apr

US online retailer Amazon plans to dominate New Zealand's nearest neighbour. Don't think it will stop there, observers say.

Retailers hit by fall in Chinese tourists

Tue 4 Apr

The way Chinese visitors are travelling is changing, which is affecting retail spend.

MICHAEL STECHMAN: Independent Chinese travellers spend less in one go than those on group tours

Retailers hit by fall in Chinese tourists

Fri 31 Mar

A drop-off in Chinese visitors to New Zealand, and their increasing rejection of group tours, is impacting the country’s retailers.


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