Rick Shera

Manifestly unjust? Fifth file sharing decision involves soldier serving in Afghanistan

Thu 14 Mar 16

Again, the spotlight is on the file-sharing law holding an internet account holder responsible for the action of flatmates, family or staff - in this case when he was serving his country overseas.

Elton John

Third file sharing decision sees another small damages award

Thu 21 Feb 12

Rianz sought $4000 after an Elton John song, and a Coldplay song, were allegedly pirated. The Tribunal again fails to buy the music industry's arguments on key points. RAW DATA: Read the decision. UPDATED

David Farrar

Rianz sought $4675 for 11 songs

Mon 3 Dec 6

Recording Industry Association of NZ drops another Copyright Tribunal case under new file sharing law.

On Fur Patrol

Tue 6 Sep 26

Rights holders need less stick, and more carrot, as they prepare to flex their muscles under the new file sharing law.

So far, plain sailing for new-look S92

Fri 17 Jul 1

Lobbyists on both sides have offered only guarded criticism of Simon Power’s reworked version of the controversial anti-pirate clause.

Some say due process isn't enough, and want account termination taken off the table altogether. Copyright holders are lobbying for it to stay. But in constrast to the highly-charged tone of arguments over the original clause, the renewed debate is mostly moderate, and constructive. An emotive stand-off has been defused.

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