Rodney Hide

Hidesight: Companies need best not quota queens

Mon 29 May 6

Diversity is no longer just a male or female thing.

Hidesight: Let the wild west let rip again

Holiday Review 18

We need the wild west back in New Zealand’s capital market.

Hidesight: Lessons from the Dog Tax Rebellion


Once the principle of a new tax is established, it is invariably hiked.

Hidesight: Ghosts of past failure haunt petrol probe

Fri 17 Feb

If governments knew the proper cost of things, socialism would work. 

Chris Liddell

Hidesight: Post-TPP trade should go back to basics

Fri 3 Feb

The shock re-evaluation of economic fundamentals may well provide a positive outcome.

John Key

Hidesight: For political success, set low expectations

Fri 27 Jan

The John Key government was the most do-nothing government in our history.


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