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Stuff chief executive Sinead Boucher's appointment was itself touted as a rebrand.

Rebranding as serial offending


Opinion: Digital-first as a marketing strategy for a company bulging with traditional media seems to be rather faddishly missing the point.

Sir Frank Lowy and Rupert Murdoch built empires from virtually nothing.

Lowy and Murdoch – Why they agreed to sell

Tue 19 Dec 4

Editor's Insight: The two legendary Australians decided to quit some or all of their global businesses within days of each other. 

Disney chairman and chief executive Bob Iger has postponed his retirement for two years.

Disney's $US54 billion Fox deal creates international media giant

Fri 15 Dec

Disney is transforming itself into a direct-to-consumer video giant to compete with rivals such as Netflix and Amazon.

Rupert Murdoch's Fox owns some Marvel franchises and the Avatar sequels.

Disney's mouse roars as it homes in on Murdoch's Fox

Thu 14 Dec

Opinion: Hollywood's most successul movie studio looks looks set to buy one of its most erratic and original performers.

James Cameron is planning four Avatar sequels

Disney sees Murdoch's Fox as key to beating Netflix

Fri 10 Nov

Editor's Insight: The corporate world is shaking after news two of the half a dozen major studios could merge.

Editor's Insight: It's getting hotter in the kitchen for climate change debaters

Fri 5 May 3

While a threat to competition in the local media has been removed in New Zealand, it is hotting up just across the Tasman.


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