Samsung reveals results of fire phone investigation, not everyone impressed

Mon 23 Jan 2

With the latest IDC figures showing Samsung losing market share in NZ, the Korean company attempts to draw a line under its Note 7 fiasco. 

Justice Paul Davison

Former manager takes Samsung to court for $2.7m

Mon 12 Dec

Samsung says claims “lack merit.”

The late Galaxy Note 7

Flame-phone fallout: Samsung loses New Zealand market share

Thu 8 Dec

Who’s up and who’s down in IDC’s third-quarter stats.

Toy box: LG E6 55-inch 4K TV

Fri 28 Oct

The world is a tricky place for TV makers these days. 

BLACK TO THE FUTURE: After tanking in the phone market, BlackBerry is making a strong comeback with software for managing an organisation’s iPhone and Androids, and securely sharing documents. This week it said it had signed up the Parliamentary Service as its latest local customer

Blackberry is back (don’t laugh)

Fri 21 Oct

As a technology journalist, my main memory of President Barack Obama’s January 2009 inauguration was the presentation of his “BarackBerry” – a BlackBerry with souped-up security.

A damaged Galaxy Note 7

Editor's Insight: Samsung's faulty footwork exposes lack of Gangnam style

Thu 20 Oct

The chaebol system is changing to favour small-to-medium businesses.


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