Serious Fraud Office

The void at the heart of Forestlands

Fri 19 May

With millions of dollars in limbo and potentially millions more in doubt, investors in the Forestlands group are getting frustrated

FMA calls Serious Fraud Office into Forestlands probe

Mon 1 May 55

The FMA launched its probe when it received a number of complaints by Forestland investors about the group

SFO drops probe into Intueri's defunct Quantum unit

Wed 12 Apr 3

"Intueri is very pleased that the SFO enquiry has been closed," chair Chris Kelly said.

Barrister suggests witness in pokie fraud prosecution was got at

Tue 21 Mar

Former Bluegrass Trust chairman gave evidence that contradicted his earlier statements.

A $6.6m whodunnit

Fri 17 Mar

An NBR investigation reveals troubling links between New Zealand companies and a fraud in China.  

A $6.6m fraud but who dunnit?

Fri 17 Mar

Victims frustrated by a catalogue of denials as the trail to New Zealand companies, set up by local agents, leads nowhere.  


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