Simon Moutter

Moutter in September, ditching one of the decoders from his collection

Spark boss ditches *another* Sky decoder

Fri 24 Feb 22

How much money will he really save? And how many MySky decoders does he have, anyway?

TeamTalk – a case of what might have been as Spark pounces

Fri 10 Feb

Spark is circling a wounded prey.

Spark MD Simon Moutter

READER POLL RESULT: Should Spark move to online-only AGMs?

Tue 15 Nov

What way did NBR Online readers lean on Spark's proposed online-only annual meetings?

Spark MD Simon Moutter increasingly cutting Chorus out of the loop

Simon puts Telecom back together


From fixed wireless to a plan for his company to own its own fibre, Spark's MD is cutting Chorus out of the loop, and winding the clock back to 2010.

CUTTING CHORUS OUT OF THE LOOP: Spark MD Simon Moutter says fixed wireless is a good alternative to UFB fibre for some households. And it will be a much sharper competitor when 5G allows data caps to be lifted. As a bonus, Spark keeps all the revenue

Fixed wireless: Spark throws down the gauntlet to Chorus

Fri 11 Nov

“Unlimited” – that’s the word Spark boss Simon Moutter used during an interview with NBR this week, and it’s the one that’s going to cause some hot flushes in the Chorus board room when they read this.


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