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Simpson Grierson partner Earl Gray

Speedo wins controversial trade mark case against Brooks

Mon 20 Feb

Top IP lawyer says Brooks could be infringing on Speedo’s brand.

SHAN WILSON: A fantastic initiative but with a definite tension

How will pay equity play out?

Fri 2 Dec

New standards for pay equity claims are making their way into law but a legal specialist thinks the outcome for employers may be trickier than thought – and prove costly.

Simpson Grierson’s Ben Upton

NZ bribery laws called into question

Fri 2 Sep 4

Tenths Trust case reopens debate.

Kevin Mitnick

Who watches the watchers? Private cyber companies, apparently

Fri 8 Jul

Is the privatisation of  intelligence helping companies or a spooky step for combating the cyber threat?

Simpson Grierson partner Jonathan Salter

Most council leaders back government's RMA reforms

Tue 21 Jul 3

A survey of 60 elected local government heads revealed their top priorities and concerns.

Simon Cogan

Anderson Creagh Lai picks up legal work for Dotcom

Fri 30 Jan 3

Anderson Creagh Lai, a firm of seven partners which it calls ‘directors’.


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