Sir Roger Douglas

Sir Roger Douglas

Pain and gain of Rogernomics remembered in US-made documentary

Fri 26 Aug 26

An outsider's view finds plenty to like in the New Zealand economic reforms of 1984-94.

In Tray: That all-purpose Budget 2016 expert piece in full

Fri 27 May

They came. They saw. They delivered.

SIR ROGER DOUGLAS: Came up with a groundbreaking earlier version of universal basic income called the guaranteed minimum family income. It didn’t get past then prime minister David Lange

UBI just a cynical ploy to increase welfare and tax

Fri 1 Apr

Labour is slamming as liars those who are trying to cost its $80 billion brainwave

Labour party finance spokesman Grant Robertson

No return to Rogernomics for Labour in universal basic income idea

Tue 22 Mar 3

Labour won't be adopting Roger Douglas' flat tax proposal along with its universal basic income idea, says the Labour's Grant Robertson. With special audio feature.

Sir Roger Douglas

Editor's Insight: Who pays for guaranteed minimum income?

Tue 22 Mar 11

Labour's scheme is a variation on other ways to make welfare payments less bureaucratic. With special audio feature.

Sir Roger Douglas

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