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Graeme Wheeler (Photo: RNZ)

On the other hand: The great redistributor

Fri 11 Nov

Looser monetary policy, house price hyper-inflation and fast-rising rents made the rich much, much richer and the poor a bit poorer.


Politics: Labour's weird data obsession and that awkward poll

Wed 14 Sep 2

How to explain Labour's plot and bottle-loss over the latest poll? With special feature audio.

Grant Robertson (TV3)

Jobless number changes 'international best practice' - statistician

Thu 18 Aug 8

Labour MPs' attack on independent Statistics NZ backfires. With special feature adio.

Chief statistician Liz MacPherson

Job market shows jump

Wed 17 Aug 1

The Household Labour Force Survey shows unemployment dropping to 5.1% of the population and a 69.7% labour force participation rate.

Job market likely to provide boost to optimists

Fri 29 Jul

Job market data out next week could make the difference as to whether there is more than one interest rate cut before the end of the year.


Economically speaking: Pavlovian responses to inequality

Fri 8 Jul

Public misunderstanding is likely when the same report can lead to different conclusions



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