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NZ guest nights dropped in March as Easter holiday period falls in April

Wed 10 May

The data show guest nights in the North Island fell 1.3%, while South Island guest nights declined 5.4%.

Graeme Wheeler (Photo: RNZ)

On the other hand: The great redistributor

Fri 11 Nov

Looser monetary policy, house price hyper-inflation and fast-rising rents made the rich much, much richer and the poor a bit poorer.


Politics: Labour's weird data obsession and that awkward poll

Wed 14 Sep 2

How to explain Labour's plot and bottle-loss over the latest poll? With special feature audio.

Grant Robertson (TV3)

Jobless number changes 'international best practice' - statistician

Thu 18 Aug 8

Labour MPs' attack on independent Statistics NZ backfires. With special feature adio.

Chief statistician Liz MacPherson

Job market shows jump

Wed 17 Aug 1

The Household Labour Force Survey shows unemployment dropping to 5.1% of the population and a 69.7% labour force participation rate.


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