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(Photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Wholesale trade rises in fifth straight quarterly gain

Thu 7 Sep 1

Actual wholesale trade sales of $24.9 billion in the June quarter were up 6% on the year.

Prices and construction senior manager Jason Attewell said "This is the second quarter in a row that building activity has fallen"

Value of building work moves higher in second quarter

Tue 5 Sep

The slowdown comes as rampant house price appreciation abates.

(Photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

NZ terms of trade rise 1.5% in second quarter

Fri 1 Sep

Dairy export prices rose 3.9% in the second quarter, led by butter reaching an all-time high and cheese.

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First trade surplus for July month in five years as dairy prices lift

Thu 24 Aug 2

The annual deficit in the year to July was $3.21 billion versus $3.65 billion in the year to June.

Statistics NZ consumer prices manager Matthew Haigh said "Strawberries are unseasonably cheap for this time of year"

Food prices flat in July as eating out gets more expensive, fruit gets cheaper

Fri 11 Aug

Grocery food prices were flat in the month of July on a seasonally-adjusted basis.

Stats NZ international statistics senior manager Daria Kwon says "the milk powder, butter, and cheese group continues to be a key export commodity"

June trade surplus $242 million, boosted by dairy exports

Wed 26 Jul

Exports rose 11% on the year to $4.7 billion.


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