Stephen Price

Auckland Council, James Hardie appeal ruling on leaky building claim made beyond 10-year limit

Wed 10 Feb 2

Justice Keane had ruled that the date the earlier of the two individual claims was brought should be considered the date the multi-unit complex claim was brought.

Papakura property developer tries to dodge mutli-million dollar payment

Fri 9 Oct

A Papakura property developer is back in court to stop a contractor after more than $2 million it claims it does not have.

Redhill Development is fighting HEB Contractors over payment for work done in the subdivision and development of land at Kaipara Road between 2004 and 2008.

Lawyer Stephen Price appeared in the High Court at Auckland today for Redhill, its parent company Sonsram Development Holdings and the director of both companies Arjun Sami.

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