Steven Joyce

Finance Minister Steven Joyce (Photo: Anthony Beinart-Smollan)

National's public sector bet

Wed 22 Feb

Implicit in Joyce's rhetoric is a large vote of confidence in public sector employees being innovative. Implicit in Labour and Green rhetoric is a large vote of no confidence in them.

Finance Minister Steven Joyce

Joyce unveils first social bond pilot in pitch to get more productive public service

Tue 21 Feb 2

Government agencies have been told to come up social investment pitches for this year's budget, though Mr Joyce told media after the speech that it won't be a "big part" of the budget.

Finance Minister Steven Joyce (Photo: Anthony Beinart-Smollan)

Joyce says 'unique aspects' force closure of Cadbury's Dunedin factory

Fri 17 Feb 3

Some 70% of the company's production was sent to Australia.

HMMM: Perhaps Labour members are only allowed to mate with each other? It would explain a great deal.

Private Bin

Fri 17 Feb

Finance Minister Steven Joyce appeared before his first select committee in that role to be confronted with former staff member, the list MP Chris Bishop. 

Finance Minister Steven Joyce

Tax cuts still in the mix for Finance Minister Steven Joyce's first budget

Thu 16 Feb 7

Joyce has carried on with his predecessor's target of reducing net debt to about 20% of gross domestic product by 2020, from the 25.5% level it's at.

Steven Joyce

Budget 2017: Politicians politicking or signs of a strong economy

Fri 10 Feb

What do NBR subscribers think the government's election year spend-up will be focused on?


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