Supreme Court

Leaky homes barrister Michael Thornton

Time limitations clarified by appellate court in leaky homes claims

Wed 8 Feb 2

The leaky homes saga is nowhere near ending.

Supreme Court Justice Susan Glazebrook

Capital Letter: Supreme Court pulls owner from leaky home resolution quagmire

Thu 2 Feb 1

The Supreme Court noted the process for Ms Lee (often unrepresented) “has been tortuous and fraught with procedural difficulties.”

Feltex shareholders turn to Supreme Court for last throw of the dice

Mon 23 Jan

Former shareholder Eric Houghton claims the Court of Appeal conclusion was wrong.

Supreme Court slams leaky home law as 'tortuous quagmire,' rules in favour of Whangarei homeowner

Thu 22 Dec

The Supreme Court bench said interpreting the act too narrowly risked people with leaky homes falling into procedural traps, which would not be in line with the purpose of the act.

Alex van Heeren

Supreme Court rejects van Heeren’s bid to appeal against Kidd

Mon 12 Dec

Twenty-year ordeal seemingly ended.

Capital Letter: Supreme Court finds Bill of Rights Act breaches reach into civil cases

Wed 2 Nov 1

The Supreme Court's ruling didn't help the man at the centre of the case


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