Supreme Court

An artist's rendering of the Kawarau Falls Development

Supreme Court rules on Kawarau Falls resort development contract

Mon 16 Oct

Capital Letter: Court splits on what is an essential term of the staged contract.

Hesketh Henry employment head Jim Roberts says the companies the decision affects is "reasonably narrow"

What Cathay human rights ruling means for employers

Thu 14 Sep

Lawyers say the ruling will apply in limited circumstances.

Workers protesting Talley's, Affco's parent company

Locked out meat workers: employees?

Thu 14 Sep

Capital Letter: Why the Supreme Court backed lower court’s ruling on Meatworkers Union dispute with Affco.

The Supreme Court has clipped Cathay Pacific's wings by finding in favour of the pilots

Supreme Court rejects Cathay unit's retirement age for pilots

Wed 13 Sep 1

The Auckland-based pilots cannot be forced to retire at 55.

Supreme Court dismisses Affco's unlawful lockout appeal

Thu 7 Sep

It says workers "were like employees."

Barrister Hamish McIntosh ould have suffered more than a mere $100,000 interest on his Ross Asset Management (RAM) investment

Last ponzi scheme judgment: interest on fictitious profits

Thu 7 Sep

Capital Letter: Ponzi scheme investor ordered to pay interest on fictitious profits.


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