US President Donald Trump has threatened to slap another $US100 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods

Wall Street sinks as China retaliates on tariffs

Sat 16 Jun 6

PLUS: How the escalating US-China trade war could hurt New Zealand

Pimco global economist Joachim Fels says "rude awakenings" await global markets.

Global economy diverges as US, China soar and Europe lags

Tue 5 Jun

Analysis: US trade gap is narrowing and worker productivity is rising.

Mischler managing director of international equity trading Larry Peruzzi says the Dow is struggling to break through 25,000.

Stocks plunge then rally as Trump calls off North Korea summit

Fri 25 May 3

Investors had hoped the summit would ease tensions. 

Harris Financial Group managing partner Jamie Cox says an end to the tariff wars is positive for stocks.

US, China trade truce pushes stocks to eighth winning session

Tue 15 May 2

The Dow's run of eight successive rises is the longest since September 2017.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has reshuffled the ministries in Beijing.

Trump plays China hand

Holiday Review

Opinion: The US president doesn't operate by the normal rules of trade diplomacy.

US President Donald Trump's declaration of a trade war against China risks not just hurting the America but the global economy as well.

China and US face off like playground bullies

Thu 29 Mar

Opinion: New Zealand will not be immune as President Trump’s trade bluster takes effect.


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