Tony Nowell

Chief executive Greg Allen says "There are many exciting developments underway"

Wellington Drive creeps closer to the black as sales climb 27%

Fri 25 Aug

Wellington Drive is forecasting its first net profit for the 2018 financial year.

Wellington Drive first-quarter sales climb 30%, earnings on track

Fri 21 Apr

"The $600k ebitda performance is materially better than Q1 2016" – Tony Nowell

IS IT SAFE? That matters more, Tony Nowell says

NZ ‘clean-green’ image won’t work in Asia

Fri 7 Aug

Quality and safety – not being “clean and green” – should be the New Zealand primary industry’s central competitive advantage, according to concerned experts.

Federated Farmers chairman Andrew Hoggard

TPP will be huge for NZ dairy industry but negotiators need to play hardball

Fri 31 Jul

Federated Farmers chairman Andrew Hoggard plays down TPP concerns.

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