Finance Minister Steven Joyce says the TPP-11 will do "a heck of a lot that’s positive for Asia Pacific cooperation" (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Labour's TPP plans would unsettle an already precarious agreement, Joyce

Thu 21 Sep 4

Signing the TPP-11 is far from certain, but extra uncertainty helps no one, says the finance minister.

In an interview with the AFR, Labour leader Jacinda Ardern was holding her cards to her chest in terms of TPP

Labour changes its TPP tack

Mon 11 Sep 14

The party will not say whether it will walk away from the deal if it's not renegotiated in its favour.

Stephen Jacobi says Labour should be trying to figure out a way around this concern, without putting the whole of TPP up for renegotiation

NZ ‘cannot ignore’ access to Japanese market under TPP

Wed 23 Aug 2

A trade expert says Labour needs to find a way to deal with its TPP concerns without putting the whole deal at risk.

Labour and NZ First promise to drag TPP countries back to the negotiation table

Mon 21 Aug 8

This follows Trade Minister Todd McClay and anti-TPP activist Jane Kelsey challenging Labour to be clear on its plans for the deal.

Minister of Trade Todd McClay says the other 10 countries involved want the deal to be signed as quickly as possible

TPP 11 designed to woo the US back to the table, Bill English says

Thu 17 Aug 5

The deal would give New Zealand exporters better access to some lucrative markets, including Canada, Mexico, Chile and Japan.

DAN BIDOIS: Relying on a salvaged TPP with 11 members is a risky strategy

Forget TPP-11, make more trade deals in Asia-Pacific

Fri 21 Jul

In a post-TPP world, it’s time to refocus New Zealand’s efforts to improve economic relations with the Asia-Pacific region.


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