Trump's Beltway: CEOs talk about infrastructure and new cyber positivity

Mon 27 Feb

Also, TPP is 'yardstick' and confirmations planned this week.

Minister of Trade Todd McClay

McClay prepares for TPP talks in Chile

Wed 22 Feb

There is still optimism that a deal can be reached with the other 11 TPP nations.  

Trump's Beltway: Verbal volley fired at Russia while Aussies want TPP back

Fri 17 Feb

DoD ponders new ISIS strategy but cabinet confirmations still slow to finalise.

Trump's Beltway: Ag urges TPP model as CEOs rejoice

Thu 9 Feb 2

US agriculture seem to like the TPP model, and new details emerge on Trump's cyber strategy.

Trump's Beltway: Sanctions fall off Russia and Iran put on notice

Fri 3 Feb

Mexico wall may take two years, Trump may seek congressional waiver for Lighthizer and warning on trade rules.

Chris Liddell

Hidesight: Post-TPP trade should go back to basics


Kiwi businessman and Trump insider Chris Liddell is talking nonsense.


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