US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis weighs in on North Korea and the Iran nuclear deal

Trump's Beltway: US flexes muscles on North Korea and Iran

Tue 10 Oct

Also, US trade representative told to 'get aggressive' and Russia probe calls Facebook/Google to the stand.

Beef + Lamb New Zealand Chairman James Parsons says the tariff rate quotas are legally binding rights and obligations

NZ joins trade heavyweights in rebuke of UK tariff measures

Fri 6 Oct 2

Pushback exposes how weak UK leverage may become without the EU gorilla behind it.

Apec secretariat head Alan Bollard said there was a lot of "turbulence in trading arrangements"

Informal Apec offers nimble trade opportunities

Thu 5 Oct

Apec secretariat head Alan Bollard delivered Victoria University's annual Sir Frank Holmes Memorial Lecture in Wellington last night.

Saunders Unsworth partner Charles Finny says New Zealand has walked the tightrope but wind strength is intensifying

'Tightrope is swaying' for New Zealand as trade winds intensify

Thu 5 Oct 1

Next government will face a full dance card of FTA talks and a tough geopolitical environment.

ASB senior rural economist Nathan Penny said "A sharp reduction in dairy export volumes accounted for most of the surprise"

NZ posts bigger-than-expected trade deficit in August

Tue 26 Sep

Overall, exports rose 9% to $3.69 billion in August compared with the same month a year earlier.


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