Trade Me

Trade Me head of marketplace Stuart McLean says people on the free-delivery Project Santa trial doubled their purchase frequency.

How Project Santa worked out for Trade Me

Thu 15 Mar 1

On a drill to prepare for a possible Amazon NZ launch, and the rise and rise of subscription-based services.

Trade Me head of motors Alan Clark claimed there were no competition issues. The ComCom disagreed.

Trade Me mulls options after Commerce Commission blocks Motorcentral deal

Fri 9 Mar

Why the deal was turned down. PLUS: Why did Trade Me risk asking for approval?

Trade Me chief executive Jon Macdonald says the company needs to avoid being distracted.

Trade Me’s marketplace growth stalls as it battles the global giants

Thu 1 Mar

Classified advertising remains a growth area.

Trade Me chairman David Kirk says the result is in line with guidance.

Trade Me posts a flat first-half net profit as its marketplace struggles for growth

Wed 28 Feb 13

Gross sales from Trade Me's marketplace is tracking down

Craigs Investment Partners wealth research head Mark Lister says A2 Milk was last week's star.

Impressive company results lead to earnings upgrades

Mon 26 Feb

A2 Milk was the week’s star performer by a country mile.

Z Energy CEO Mike Bennetts says "If we’re not the best place to go for their transport fuel, what else can we use that network for?"

How Z is embracing looming industry disruption

Fri 2 Feb 4

The 'sharing economy' plays into Z Energy's strategy for the future.


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