Reserve Bank head of communications Mike Hannah said the central bank had sought to engage with the public through social media channels

RBNZ, polling weakly with ordinary Kiwis, turns to social media to sell message

Tue 27 Jun 1

The central bank isn't yet ready for a robust two-way conversation through social media channels.

Editor's Insight: The mood of the nation is mainly negative, as measured by Twitter

Wed 10 May 3

A new index measures social sentiment based on what the Twitterati are saying.

Political Week: Gareth Morgan's cunning plan, Hit & Run turns runny

Mon 3 Apr 10

This may be Gareth Morgan's master plan: if you’re looking for the angry, the bile-drenched, the know-it-alls, Twitter is a pretty good place to cast your hook.

Heat death – What Trump's tweets say about the health of media

Thu 26 Jan 3

The future is indeed terrifyingly unknowable when you can't even focus on the present.

Sky TV boss John Fellet

Foe to friend: Facebook helps Sky TV and Duco shut down Parker fight pirates within minutes

Mon 3 Oct 3

PLUS: Sneddon says more legal action on the way — although, for now, it's with kid gloves.


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