Finance Minister Grant Robertson got what he wanted but it won't make a difference. (Photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

House price inflation is still inflation

Fri 6 Apr 8

Analysis: The fuss about the Reserve Bank’s new policy targets agreement overlooks a bigger problem. 

Goldman Sachs head of fixed interest Phil Moffitt says inflation will rise only gradually.

Offshoring threat is enough to depress wages and salaries

Wed 28 Mar 1

Significant wage inflation is probably another 18 months away.

Westpac's Michael Gordon expects to see healthy workforce stats next week.

Economists forecast tightening labour market

Mon 5 Feb

Labour stats should continue workforce trend.

Economist Michael Reddell says its time for the Reserve Bank to take a risk

Forget about rate hikes; how about a rate cut?

Mon 29 Jan 10

The Reserve Bank has missed its core inflation target for eight years

Winston Peters and Jacinda Ardern are staying tight-lipped over the release of the documents. (Photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Ardern and Peters flounder over sealed section of coalition deal

Tue 28 Nov 11

If Winston Peters took a glance at recent budgets, he'd know the per capita GDP measure is already included.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson says the government remains committed to the present inflation target. (photo: Rob Hosking)

Robertson seeks 'steady as she goes' course for monetary policy reform

Tue 7 Nov 17

Finance Minister Grant Robertson releases the terms of reference for the review of the Reserve Bank Act. 


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