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Maori Party is right to refuse to support Helen Clark's UN bid

Tue 2 Aug 17

OPINION: The response from Helen Clark’s supporters has been worthy of Miss Clark herself – an indignant glare and a snooty ‘how DARE you?’ With special feature audio.

HELEN CLARK: Virtually no chance of wining the UN cup

Media watch: News seeks refuge with refugees

Fri 29 Jul

Coverage of Helen Clark’s UN bid flitted between a long-distance review of a Lorde tour and the countdown to the rugby world cup

Prime Minister John Key and Helen Clark

Key says Clark has 'skills and experience' for UN's top post

Tue 5 Apr 9

A diplomatic campaign to support the nomination kicks into gear. With special feature audio.

Ban Ki-moon

UN's top job: A good way to make enemies

Tue 5 Apr

Morocco attacks Ban Ki-moon for taking sides in the long-running Saharan territorial dispute.

Helen Clark (TV3)

Editor’s Insight: Helen Clark to confirm bid for top UN job

Tue 5 Apr 4

After weeks of holding off, the former prime minister will run for UN secretary-general. With special feature audio.

International ministers of foreign affairs announcing the framework for a Comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear programme

Iran agrees to 10-year freeze on nuclear weapons

Wed 15 Jul 16

The deal with six world powers will lead to the lifting of sanctions.


Nathan Smith talks about the Iran deal in Foreign Affairs Scope on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.


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