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New Zealand’s permanent representative to the United Nations ambassador Gerard van Bohemen said resolution was a near thing

As diplomatic ties repair, UN ambassador explains the story of the Israel-Palestine resolution

Wed 14 Jun 3

Although the final resolution wasn't New Zealand's draft, it supported the contents. And the whole thing almost fell apart at the last moment. 

DR ANN SMITH: Businesses have a greater sense of urgency than governments to act

Eco Business: Transforming the way we do business

Fri 2 Jun

Pick the sustainability goals that align best with the company and get on board.

Maori Party is right to refuse to support Helen Clark's UN bid

Tue 2 Aug 17

OPINION: The response from Helen Clark’s supporters has been worthy of Miss Clark herself – an indignant glare and a snooty ‘how DARE you?’ With special feature audio.

HELEN CLARK: Virtually no chance of wining the UN cup

Media watch: News seeks refuge with refugees

Fri 29 Jul

Coverage of Helen Clark’s UN bid flitted between a long-distance review of a Lorde tour and the countdown to the rugby world cup

Prime Minister John Key and Helen Clark

Key says Clark has 'skills and experience' for UN's top post

Tue 5 Apr 9

A diplomatic campaign to support the nomination kicks into gear. With special feature audio.

Ban Ki-moon

UN's top job: A good way to make enemies

Tue 5 Apr

Morocco attacks Ban Ki-moon for taking sides in the long-running Saharan territorial dispute.


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