Vector chief executive SImon Mackenzie is participating in a predictable, almost obligatory, ritual performance of complaining about regulation

Vector looks to technology for growth as regulated earnings fall

Mon 11 Sep 3

Shoeshine: Vector’s regular complaints against the impact of the Commerce Commission’s restraints could be viewed as a ritual performance.

Datacom general manager Kerry Topp says the real prize is bragging rights

Using hackathons to team-build and spot inhouse talent

Fri 25 Aug 1

Think of them as the 48-Hour Film Festival of software development.

Chairman Michael Stiassny said "The downward movements in our regulated networks' financial results may be small, but they are noticeable"

Vector underlying earnings flat in tilt from regulated business

Thu 24 Aug 1

It sees more of the same in 2018.

Vector says electricity customers, new connections rise in year to June

Fri 21 Jul 4

Vector said its electricity customers rose 0.9% to 555,100 in the 12 months.

Genesis executie Dean Schmidt says there is insufficient transparency around related party transactions of monopoly businesses

Electricity retailers seek 'ring-fencing' of competition from monopoly networks

Wed 19 Jul 4

But Auckland network company Vector is pushing back saying on the request.

Ticketmaster NZ profit climbs 59% as renamed Spark Arena boosts revenue

Mon 10 Jul

The increase in sales was led by a more than doubling of 'other revenue' to $12 million in a year.


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