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Reannz chief executive Nicole Ferguson says it will be the "cleanest option" if government funding cuts are reversed — but she's also willing to go hunting for new customers

Broadband barney: three universities terminate Reannz contracts

Tue 10 Jul 13

Just as the Crown company is set to become an anchor tenant of the new Hawaiki Cable, three of its largest customers defect.

Te Toki a Rata – Victoria University's new biological sciences buildings.

New building puts science in public eye

Holiday Review 3

It accommodates four undergraduate teaching labs, two ‘super labs’ and collaborative learning spaces.

Funding boost for video fingerprinting research for border control

Fri 31 Mar

Wellington scientist Nick Monahan is developing scanning technology to detect banned organic matter.

Michael Macaulay heads Victoria University’s Institute for Governance and Policy Studies.

New Zealand lets the side down in $A1.6m study

Fri 10 Mar

Only two New Zealand businesses have taken part in a transtasman study into misconduct in the workplace.

Trump's speech shows 'incredible selfishness,' Victoria professor says

Mon 23 Jan 6

"His America-first language was very strong ..."


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