Competition lawyer Andy Matthews from Matthews Law

What readers think of ComCom's Sky Vodafone merger decision

Mon 27 Feb

"There are some real challenges to an appeal " - Andy Matthews 

Moutter in September, ditching one of the decoders from his collection

Spark boss ditches *another* Sky decoder

Fri 24 Feb 25

How much money will he really save? And how many MySky decoders does he have, anyway?

IT/ICT Information of Everything: 2017 trends: cyber-security, commerce and DX, oh my!

Fri 24 Feb

Cyber-security has rocketed to the top discussion point for boards while more than one in four companies report the time to fill information security positions can be six months or longer.

Spark MD Simon Moutter: I'm guessing that now his company has it's  tail up, it will prod the ComCom to take another look at Sky's wholesale agreements

Sky TV offers a deal – here’s why Spark won’t take it

Thu 23 Feb 7

Simon Moutter , John Fellet has a deal for you.

What could have been

Sky TV boss: Vodafone merger could have saved years of product development

Thu 23 Feb 1

Plan A was so sweet. Now we wait for Plan B.


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