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While you were sleeping: UPDATED Wall St declines, Dutch shares rise

Fri 17 Mar

The Dutch benchmark index rose 0.6% after voters did not give Geert Wilders' anti-Islam, anti-European Union Freedom Party the victory he was hoping for.

While you were sleeping: UPDATED Wall Street surges as Fed confirms rate hike

Thu 16 Mar 1

Stocks rose while bond yields and the US dollar fell after an antipated rise in the official interest rate. 

Global stock markets boom – and it’s not over yet, US expert says

Mon 27 Feb

Northern Trust's chief investment strategist sees more upside in stocks as economies keep expanding.

 Jeff Bezos, Amazon chief executive

Margin call: Rising yield curves see danger

Fri 3 Feb

Stocks are falling after the post-election Trump bump. 

Editor's Insight: Nothing to see here as Dow passes 20,000 milestone

Thu 26 Jan

Wall Street is reluctant to celebrate as it reaches its latest historic high.

Margin call: Hold on to your hats, Wall Street

Fri 25 Nov

Dow’s 1000-point rise has occurred in just 11 trading sessions



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