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Novelist Joseph Conrad's memoir was recalled by a Wall Street Journal contributor to explain the Dow Jones plunge.

Why markets plunge: The reasons for Wall Street's big fall

Wed 7 Feb 2

Editor's Insight: Five rational explanations for why the Dow fell more than 1100 points in a day.

It was party time back in March 1999

Editor's Insight: Dow's 20,000 milestone fails to excite Wall Street – why?

Thu 22 Dec

It's taken more than 17 years to add 10,000 but celebrations are subdued. 

Northern Trust Asset Management chief economist Carl Tannenbaum

Margin call: Economists see upside in Trump

Fri 18 Nov

The new administration’s commitment to a fiscal stimulus comes at a time when central bank monetary policy is ineffective.

DDB chief executive Justin Mowday

Marketing: A renewed focus on what works

Fri 7 Oct

Forget likes, shares, positive sentiment, dwell time, opportunity to see, reach, frequency and the industry benchmark of 0.3-0.5% click-through rates on digital ads (to spell it out, this means 99.5% of people don’t click on the ad) and let’s get back to focusing on what really matters: changing real human behaviour, increasing sales and market share and achieving growth for businesses.

NZAM’s analyst Dan Jenkins

Margin Call: Bond frenzy risks inflation shock

Fri 15 Jul

Some $US10 trillion worth of negative yielding bonds have been bought solely for capital gain 

Wall Street Journal columnist Andy Browne

China economic reform low on government priority list - WSJ commentator

Thu 12 Feb

"In every significant-sized Chinese city there are buildings empty, not being used and no jobs and an excess of industrial capacity in the heavy industries"


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