More working solo parents trims long-term welfare cost by $1.7b in 2016

Wed 17 May 3

Government data show the unemployment rate fell to 4.9 percent in the first three months of this year as firms continued to create jobs at a faster pace than population growth/

MARINE LE PEN: Wants welfare cut – or immigration

Foreign Affairs: The EU, France and the welfare state

Fri 28 Apr

The welfare state in Europe will scuttle any attempt by France to halt the migrant flow. 

Economist Susan Guthrie

Tax base reform needed first before a universal basic income

Tue 12 Apr 6

Reforming the tax base could generate about $8-9 billion in extra taxes, The Big Kahuna co-author Susan Guthrie says. With special feature audio.

Sir Roger Douglas

UBI just a cynical ploy to increase welfare and tax

Sat 2 Apr 7

A universal basic income (UBI) is one of those brilliant ideas whose time will never come. With special feature audio.

Victoria University School of Accounting and Commercial Law associate professor Lisa Marriott

Tax evaders get much more lenient treatment than welfare fraudsters

Wed 23 Mar 22

Research shows New Zealand treats welfare fraudsters much more harshly than it does tax evaders. With special feature audio.

Business NZ executive director of manufacturing Catherine Beard

Anti-dumping consumer welfare test unfair to businesses, lobby group says

Fri 28 Aug 1

Business NZ's Catherine Beard said New Zealand companies operate in one of the least protected economies in the world.


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