Windows 7 boss trashes Windows 7

Thu 22 Oct 5

Time was when other software and hardware companies would line up to praise Microsoft’s latest upgrade.

And Microsoft does have some friends turning out today - notably HP - which is co-hosting launch events in Auckland and Wellington. Sony also began to promote its line-up of Windows 7 laptops last night.

Others were less welcoming.

Reps from customer relationship management (CRM) giant were last night dutifully forwarding a missive from the company’s chief executive, Marc Benioff, trashing Microsoft’s new OS.

IN PICTURES: Windows 7 is ready for business

Thu 22 Oct 4

Windows 7 has a number of natty features for home users, such as new personalisation options (top) and the ability to tap media on a home PC from an office PC (above). But it will be Windows 7's long, stable beta, relatively modest hardware requirements and XP compatibility mode that will appeal to business.

But is business ready for Windows 7?

New Windows, same old price

Thu 22 Oct 9

Local Windows pricing has been revealed this mornign, and it’s ugly.

Microsoft New Zealand had already flagged that Windows 7 would be sold for around the same price as its predecessor Vista.

Not for us the aggressive pre-order discounting that saw consumers in the US, much of Europe and Japan offered Windows 7 at a discount of up to 50% over equivalent versions of Vista (a tactic that sent Windows 7 to the top of’s software sales chart).

Sony unveils world’s lightest notebook

Fri 9 Oct

Sony has unveiled what it says is the world’s lightest notebook - at least among models with a 10-inch or larger screen.

The VAIO X Series weighs 665g, and measures 13.9 mm fully flat, about the width of a mobile phone. Sony claims the battery will last for up to to 6.5 hours of continuous use (or 16.5 hours with a an extended battery option which doubles as a stand)

HP launches new range ahead of Windows 7 release

Tue 6 Oct 2

HP New Zealand has announced a range of new PCs, laptops and notebooks to accompany Windows 7 to be launched on the same day as Microsoft’s updated software.

The new range includes hardware for corporate and consumer use. HP launched “one of the world’s thinnest full-performance notebooks” in Singapore today.

50,000 Kiwis using Windows 7 pre-launch

Tue 6 Oct 4

More than 50,000 New Zealanders have downloaded and registered for the beta version of Microsoft’s Windows 7 to be officially launched later this month.

Microsoft’s Ben Green said a record number of businesses and individual consumers had downloaded the software onto their PCs, of which there are about two million throughout the offices and homes of New Zealand.

Mr Green said the amount of people who had tested the new software and provided feedback on it and further suggestions for development was “very positive.”


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