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RECOVERING: Demand for containers expected to increase 4% this year

Container giant sees recovery

Fri 19 May

Freight volumes and rates are starting to rise along with consolidation into fewer companies.

Editor's Insight: China, Japan pursue two paths to world trade nirvana

Wed 17 May

China's new Silk Road initiatives and Japan's revival of the TPP will both boost world trade. 

WTO agreement wipes red tape in trillion-dollar boost for global trade

Thu 23 Feb

The minimum number of 110 WTO members have ratified the Trade Facilitation Agreement.

Chris Liddell

Hidesight: Post-TPP trade should go back to basics

Fri 3 Feb

The shock re-evaluation of economic fundamentals may well provide a positive outcome.

Editorial: Exporters will pay costs of TPP failure

Wed 25 Jan

The local advocates of policies to unwind the post-World War II consensus for increased liberalisation of trade and cross-border economic activity aren’t likely to be called to account when New Zealand exporters find the going tougher.

NZIER's John Balligall

Editor's Insight: How politicians steal hundreds of billions from farmers

Tue 29 Nov 2

A new estimate of the cost of non-tariff measures is far worse than previously thought. 


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