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EFFIGIES: Burn people on Twitter instead

How to burn the Twitter guys

Fri 20 Oct

A guide to punishing male media figures who transgress against identity politics.

KIWI CONNECTION: KlickEx Group founder and president Robert Bell

IBM's first of its kind blockchain network a boost for cross-border payments

Fri 20 Oct

New Zealand's KlickEx helped create the new system, and is one of the first to use it.

JACKIE SMITH: For those seeking 'a really interesting life' she advises stepping outside your comfort zone – frequently

FAB Group sitting pretty on eve of overseas expansion

Fri 20 Oct

Entrepreneur Series: She claims she's not ambitious but creating a trusted global 'appearance medicine’ brand is an itch Jackie Smith just has to scratch.

JAMIE DIMON: JP Morgan Chase's chief executive is not a big fan of bitcoin

Margin Call: Bankers seize on blockchain

Fri 20 Oct

The technology behind cryptocurrency Bitcoin will speed up cross-border payments. 

DAVID DARLING: It's unclear what the Pacific Edge CEO's claims about being 'well progressed in the process' really mean

Less sales pitch, more plain speech required at Pacific Edge

Fri 20 Oct

Investors have had enough of the biotech’s over-optimistic announcements.


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