Sex and the city

In parts two and three of his NBR View interview, entrepreneur Guy Horrocks talks about his lifestyle in New York, and investing in sex essentials company Maude.

In part one of his NBR View interview, Guy Horrocks discussed the multi-million sale of his mobile marketing startup,, to New York's Sailthru.

It chronicled how Kiwi expatriate entrepreneurs like Facebook chief creative officer Mark D'Arcy, Google manager Craig Nevill-Manning and Peter-Thiel sidekick Jonty Kelt helped him build, then sell, Carnival, and his efforts to 'pay it forward' by advising and backing up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

In part two (scroll down) he talks about his lifestyle in New York (spoiler: there's no cocaine, and lots of fresh-from-the-farm vegetables).

And in part three, Mr Horrocks goes into more detail about one of his latest investments: Maude, a “sex essentials” company that pushes condoms and lube.

The Kiwi in New York says he was impressed by the refreshingly unembarrassed attitude co-founders Dina Epstein and Eva Goicochea bring to their startup.

He says Maude also had the most impressive investment deck he had ever seen – thanks to Ms Epstein being a designer; Ms Goicochea is a Harvard Business School graduate and alumnus of Everlane, an ultra-trendy online clothing retailer.

Maude co-founders Eva Goicochea (left) and Dina Epstein.

The two women epitomise their brand, he says. They’re classy, frank and not embarrassed about selling top-quality sex essentials. A commodity product (condoms) for decades mainly sold in sheepish checkout or pharmacy till transactions could be about to get a high-end makeover — and one that takes advantage of the internet's ability to disrupt b2c (business-to-consumer) commerce.

“If not, I’ll have a great story about two women with 100,000 condoms to get rid of,” Guy says.

So far, that scenario seems unlikely; the media-friendly pair has immediately got good press, including from Vogue.